July 27, 2021

Quick Look

Amazon 72 Slot Pencil Case

Just a ‘Quick Look’ at the 72 Slot BTSKY Zippered Pencil Case from Amazon, a lovely little portable pencil case for under $10! Each interior panel (5) holds 14 pencils and then there is 8 on the first panel with some extra bigger bands, so that is 78, not really 72? It says it can hold various tools like Prismacolor / Crayola / Marco Raffine colored pencils, watercolor pencils, gel pens, markers, and erasers – I don’t have any of those but I tested it with my Design Studio (Student) Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils and they fit like a dream! In the bigger slots, I put in a Posca pen, an eraser, and a little sharpener. It also fits my Sakura Microns if I skipped a slot between each one to give them some room for easy removal. Seems like it would be a great affordable pencil case for artists and colorists.

The case is brand new in this video so I can’t attest to the longevity of the product, but for ten bucks I am thinking it won’t last a lifetime of abuse – yet it seems sturdy enough for a bunch of in-studio years. I am using it mostly for organization purposes so I don’t expect it will see much intense rugged off-roading. I will post an update if it starts to fail miserably at light use.

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BTSKY Zippered Pencil Case-Canvas 72 Slots

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