2412, 2021

How to Make Metallic Watercolor Paints

Here is a simple little beginner tutorial on how to make metallic watercolor paint that does not really need to be mulled using a muller to bind. We will just use our palette knife to incorporate the mica and create a good meld with our homemade binder (or premade if you have some). This tutorial will walk you through the materials you need and how to test your homemade paint.

2811, 2021

Watercolor Binder Recipe

I go through my watercolor binder recipe and what ingredients and tools you will need, and also the steps on how to make a handmade watercolor paint binder. When you have made your binder you can mix or mull it with artist pigments, mica, or even recycle your old eyeshadow into watercolor paint!

1411, 2021

Art Haul Oct 2021 Unboxing & Swatching Jackson’s Art Supply

A relaxing little Art Haul from Jacksons. I couldn't stop myself from buying some more of those beautiful Roman Szmal Watercolors, so this mini Jackson's Art Supply Haul has a couple of those as well as some water-soluble pencils (Stabilo ALL and Carbothello), Caran D'Ache Neocolor II, and a couple of interesting granulating Super Vision paints from AliExpress.

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