May 29, 2024

New BENU AstroGem Collection in “Juno”

BENU Astrogem “Juno” Unboxing and First Impressions

“Part of the AstroGem collection inspired by the shape of the interstellar asteroid, Oumuamua, the Juno pen gained its name from a very large asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter in the main portion of the asteroid belt. Created in a dark shade of purple interwoven with hot pink and complemented by a rich addition of pink sparkles” – BENU

Also, I mentioned that all BENUS come with Silver hardware, but I did actually see some of the exclusive designs with Gold in some of the other collections, but most seem to be Silver 🙂

Filling system – Cartridge/Cartridge Converter I think you may also be able to eyedropper these as they have resin threads.

Grip width ~ 10.0mm

Length Uncapped

BENU Talisman ~ 5.16”
BENU Astrogem ~ 5.25”
BENU Euphoria ~ 5.44”

Length Capped
BENU Talisman ~ 5.45”
BENU Astrogem ~ 5.51”
BENU Euphoria ~ 5.91”

You can find the BENU AstroGem Fountain Pens here:

Although I was I was generously gifted this pen from the lovely people over at BENU, this is not a sponsored video and all opinions are my own 🙂