July 27, 2021

Art Supply Haul

AliExpress & Daiso Stationery Unboxing & Swatching

Hey guys, here is another bunch of art and stationery supplies haul that have been trickling in over the last 2 months from AliExpress (shipping took forever!). I still have a couple of things that have not arrived so I might do another mini haul when they turn up. I tried all these things out to see whether it was worth it for you guys to invest the money (and waiting time) to order them yourselves from AliExpress.

I loved all the things I purchased with this art haul and had a fun time trying them out. I was really impressed with some of these cheap art supplies like the little watercolor journal, the washi tape cutter, and the washi tape – I totally felt like they performed well and were value-for-money. The Sakura Micron pens also seemed legit and were great to draw with, I also tested them with some watercolors and they did not bleed or run.

Also, let me know in the comments if you would like me to film a demo of making the simple metallic homemade watercolor paints with the mica from AliExpress.

Materials & Mentions


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