Beginner’s Guide to Split Primary Watercolor Palettes: Avoid Muddy Colors

Red, Yellow, and Blue (warm colors) are chosen for their versatility in creating a wide range of hues, but cool colors such as Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta, can also be utilized. A split primary palette expands the range by including both warm and cool variations of each primary color. Warm colors are closer to red-orange while cool colors are closer to green-blue or yellow-violet. The concept of warm and cool colors can be applied to analogous colors of similar hue.

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Art Supply Haul & Swatching #12 ❀ Jackson’s, Molotow Aqua Twin, Schmincke Aqua Bronze, M. Graham City

Hey Everyone, here is another little art supply haul from Jackson's! I discovered some really cool watercolor ink, a couple of new to me Daniel Smith Watercolors, Mini Palettes, and a great surface to tape your watercolor paper to.

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Kaweco Collection Sport Iridescent Pearl Fountain Pen Broad ❀ Pennonia Multi-Shading Ink Swatching

Hey Everyone, we are looking at the Kaweco Collection Sport Iridescent Pearl today - I got it for Mother's Day this year but wanted to wait to unbox it with you guys and pick an ink (Pennonia Multi-Shading) that would go well with its color-shifting properties.

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Rohrer & Klingner sketchINKs Ink Haul Swatching ❀ Lightfast, Waterproof Fountain Pen Friendly Ink

Let's take a look at the Rohrer & Klingner sketchINKs ink - PART 1: Carmen, Jule, Frieda, Emma, Thea and Lotte. PART 2: Klara, Marlene, Vroni & Lilly. These dip pen, paintbrush, rollerball, and fountain pen-friendly drawing inks are waterproof and lightfast. They come in wide-mouth, 50ml glass bottles and are great value for money coming in at around $10 US each from Jackson's.

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Art Haul Jan 2022 Unboxing & Swatching Jackson’s Art Supply

This laid-back and relaxing Jackson's Art haul and swatching is broken into two videos as I wanted to film the swatching in mostly real-time so you could just sit back and listen in the background whilst you paint or draw. Acrylic inks, Brusho, White Nights Metal Palette, Masking Film and Fluid.

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Art Haul Oct 2021 Unboxing & Swatching Jackson’s Art Supply

A relaxing little Art Haul from Jacksons. I couldn't stop myself from buying some more of those beautiful Roman Szmal Watercolors, so this mini Jackson's Art Supply Haul has a couple of those as well as some water-soluble pencils (Stabilo ALL and Carbothello), Caran D'Ache Neocolor II, and a couple of interesting granulating Super Vision paints from AliExpress.

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Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Swatching 48 Set Traditional Japanese Vivid Colors Floral

A relaxing swatching session of the Kuretake Gansai Tambi 48 Color Watercolor Pan Set. This is just a short stroll through the vivid and delicious Traditional Japanese pan watercolors from Kuretaki, they are perfect for professional artists and crafters.

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