Brass Kakimori Dip Nib – Is it good for Sketching?

Lets take a look at the Kakimori Brass Dip Pen! As an artist myself, I was eager to try it out and share my experience with you. The brass nib is perfect for creating bold and expressive lines, and depending on the angle, you can achieve different line thicknesses. Plus, the ink capacity of this pen is impressive...

Beginner’s Guide to Split Primary Watercolor Palettes: Avoid Muddy Colors

Red, Yellow, and Blue (warm colors) are chosen for their versatility in creating a wide range of hues, but cool colors such as Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta, can also be utilized. A split primary palette expands the range by including both warm and cool variations of each primary color. Warm colors are closer to red-orange while cool colors are closer to green-blue or yellow-violet. The concept of warm and cool colors can be applied to analogous colors of similar hue.

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Rohrer & Klingner SketchINK – Mixing Inks Together Color Mix Chart

Let's look at some mixes you can create from the 4 vibrant and 4 muted colors in this collection. These dip pen, paintbrush, rollerball, and fountain pen-friendly drawing inks are waterproof and lightfast. They come in wide-mouth, 50ml glass bottles and are great value for money coming in at around $10 US each from Jackson's.

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NIIMBOT D11 Thermal Label Printer Unboxing, Review and How-To Tutorial Beginners Guide

The NIIMBOT D11 creates great little waterproof labels you can use for books, water bottles, ink containers, etc - great for organization. We will look at; how to load the tape labels, design labels with icons, type, and borders, and load colorful bubble labels with different layouts and clear transparent labels too.

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