September 19, 2022

NIIMBOT D11 Thermal Label Printer

Unboxing, Review and How-To Tutorial Beginners Guide

Beginner How-to Get Started with the NIIMBOT D11 (D110 & D101) Bluetooth Thermal Label Maker Portable Printer from Amazon. The NIIMBOT D11 creates great little waterproof labels you can use for books, water bottles, ink containers, etc – great for organization. We will look at; how to load the tape labels, design labels with icons, type, and borders, and load colorful bubble labels with different layouts and clear transparent labels too. There are

Video Product Links

📦 NIIMBOT D11 Thermal Label Maker: If you scroll down on the product page link above, you will see discounts you can get if you buy some tape with the machine as a combo deal. MAX LABEL SIZE: 15mm x 50mm

📦 NIIMBOT D110 Thermal Label Maker: This is just the newer version, I believe it is lighter and has an improved ‘chip’, but they both use the same app, so I am not sure how a better chip helps much with simples labels, but maybe there is more to it?

📦 NIIMBOT D101 Thermal Label Maker: I think this one can print up to 25mm tall.

📦 Labels from AliExpress: I got different-sized labels from AliExpress just to try them out and they seem legit and exactly the same as the Amazon ones just for a little less money. You can see me unboxing and using them here: