2022 Etsy Holiday Gift Guide for Artists and Creators

Here are a couple of my favorite finds from Etsy this year, targeted towards those who love watercolor painting and fountain pens! I love the idea of giving something that they can use throughout the year to help them create or bring inspiration.

Just a note that the links on this page are Etsy affiliate links –  this means if you make a purchase using one of my links I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you too ♥

Ceramic Paint Palettes

I love ceramic palettes for easy cleanup and durability when painting with watercolors and gouache. These have high-quality handwork, and are beautiful workhorses that will inspire you when you paint.

Handmade Watercolors

100% handmade with varying degrees of binder of pure Gum Arabic, natural honey, and glycerin for flow. All these makers do it a little different but their paints are all lovely and a perfect gift for painters and collectors.

Handmade Resin Fountain Pens

Each pen is individually hand-turned and assembled, there will never be two exactly the same with these beautifully handcrafted fountain pens.

Handmade Leather Pen Cases from Lepus Leather

Handmade with natural vegetable-tanned leather. The leather is soaked, dried, dyed, and slightly waxed. 100 % handmade – products are hand-cut and hand-stitched without using any machines.

I really love the Natural color, so beautiful.

OliClips from OliBLOCK

I picked up a couple for myself this year and they are super handy! The magnets are strong and they are great for keeping your journal flat whilst writing (or drawing) or as a pen holder around thin notebooks.


Fountin Pen Friendly Paper from Danika 58

Hand Sewn Bound Cosmo Air Light journal notebook, good to use with fountain pens:
– Notebook with cosmo air light paper, suitable for Fountain pens that shows a lot of sheen, shading, and color contrast
– no bleed issue with fountain pen inks
– dots are light grey
– holds up very well to light watercolor, fountain pens, markers, mildliners, highlighters, brush pens, and gel pens with no bleeding
– smooth writing experience
– True colors that pop up very well

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