December 24, 2021

How to Make Metallic Watercolors

How Metallic Mica Watercolors are Made

Here is a simple little beginner tutorial on how to make metallic watercolor paint that does not really need to be mulled using a muller to bind. We will just use our palette knife to incorporate the mica and create a good meld with our homemade binder (or premade if you have some). This tutorial will walk you through the materials you need and how to test your homemade paint.

In this video I just show how to make a small amount of paint – if you want a full pan you would need to remake the paint again after the pan is fully dry (sometimes this can take weeks) before adding your new layer.

Ingredients & Equipment

Ingredients you will need:

Tools & equipment you will need:


*N95 masks/respirators A disposable N95 mask is one type of N95 respirator—it is a negative pressure particulate respirator with a filter as an integral part of the facepiece or with the entire facepiece composed of the filtering medium. There are other types of non-disposable half-mask or full-mask respirators (also called elastomeric respirators) that can be equipped with N95 filters that have been tested and certified by NIOSH to provide the same efficiency of filtration as disposable N95 masks. N95 masks DO NOT provide protection from noxious gasses only particulates, you would need a different filter attachment for working with resin or other chemicals.

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