September 2, 2022

Unboxing Kaweco Macchiato Sport Fountain Pen BB

Choosing Ink: Colorverse, Callifolio, Robert Oster, Taccia?

Hey Everyone, we are looking at the Kaweco Skyline Sport Macchiato Fountain Pen today – I got it for my birthday this year but wanted to wait to unbox it with you guys and pick an ink that would go well with its glossy milky coffee appearance.

Here are some links to the items in the video, I got my pen as a gift so I am not sure where it is from, but here are some places that stock it.

Video Product Links

✒️ Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen in Macchiato BB (double broad):

🌈 Ink Samples

💼 LIHIT LAB Pen Case