June 17, 2021


Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils 36 Pack

I am thinking about getting some pencils to add to my art as a multimedia experiment so I was looking through what I have on hand already before going out and dropping cash on new stuff. I did find an almost complete set of cheaper Faber Castell student-grade watercolor pencils that my dad had bought for the kids (from Australia) to create with. So I thought I would swatch them out and see how they worked. I was pleasantly surprised and am definitely thinking of adding some more colors to this collection in my next Jacksons’ haul. I would like to get some more muted tones and maybe a step up in quality but these are a good start for sure.

I could not find this exact pack (Faber Castell Design Series (AUST) Watercolor Pencils) on Amazon, probably because it is from Australia from like 6 years ago, but here is a link to the new edition of Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils Design (Student) Series

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swatches Faber Castell Design Series 36 AUST 1