July 23, 2021

Closer Look

Sepia Pebeo Colorex Liquid Watercolor

A leisurely review and demo of the Pebeo Colorex Brilliant Liquid Watercolor in Sepia that I purchased from Jerry’s Artarama (from a previous art supply haul). I also compare it to the Dr. Ph. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Liquid Watercolor. Hope you enjoy this calm swatching and it helps you decide to try it out for yourself.

I forgot to mention in the video that the Pebeo Colorex Brilliant Liquid Watercolor and Dr. Ph. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Watercolors are transparent dye-based inks. Both lines are also sensitive to ultra-violet rays, like all aniline dye base colors. They are fugitive when exposed to direct sunlight (over time) so paintings should be protected with a UV varnish to prevent extreme fading. If you need a lightfast, archival quality watercolor, you may want to keep searching for a better fit.

✷✷ Just a note that prices mentioned in this video are as of May 2021, so if you are watching this at a later date, they may have changed 🙂

Materials & Mentions

Original Haul Video that included this item

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